Strata CIX 40

CIX 40 Brochure

  - Ideal for small businesses with 1-8 lines and up to 40 Telephones


The Strata CIX communication systems allow you the flexibility to grow, add features, and customize functions as needed. Plus, Toshiba’s Strata Net technology lets you network multiple Strata CIX systems, dramatically expanding capacity or improving integration between locations.

No matter what size your company is in the state of Maine, you need all the edge you can get when it comes to your communications tools. Your telecommunications system is one of your biggest assets, with the power to attract customers, save money, enhance productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. This is why so many leading companies choose Toshiba and why RelCom, as an authorized dealer, is confident in supplying its customers with a top quality and state of the art phone system at a reasonable price.

 our most popular system

Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™40 gives your small business, enterprise branch or retail locations powerful IP capabilities. It can be configured with a variety of endpoints, including: IP telephones, digital telephones, SoftIPT® softphones for PDAs, laptops or desktop PCs, wireless and cordless telephones. With easy call handling, scalability and comprehensive features that enable you to work the way you want, the Strata CIX40 will drive business process integration, create efficiencies and maximize return on investment. And because it's from Toshiba, you can count on unsurpassed reliability, clarity and performance.




  •     4-11 Trunks with caller ID

  •     8-16 Digital telephones

  •     Voice Mail and Auto Attendant (4-8 ports) with call recording, monitoring, forwarding  features

  •     Mobility Solutions with integrated Soft Phones, wireless, and cordless devices

  •     Fully upgradable, protecting your investment

  •     VOIP Capable

  •     Advanced Voice Mail Aplications can be added to fit your business needs

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