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  • Strata CIX and IP EDGE systems are highly versatile and scalable phone systems designed to give you the ultimate in feature and upgrade flexibility. Configure it as a single site Telephone system and add to it as your business in Maine grows, or as a branch location networked with other Strata CIX systems.

  • Toshiba’s innovative system architecture allows you to implement an all IP solution, all digital, or a mix of IP and digital telephones that meet your needs. Migrate to IP capabilities as your organization’s needs change. Take enterprise-wide communication to a whole new level with an IP communication system that integrates your voice, data networking, and application solutions.

  • Or, take advantage of a completely Hosted CLOUD BASED SOLUTION, saving upfront costs with a low monthly fee and enjoy all the features and functionality of a complete IP System...request a quote


IP Office Preferred Edition delivers intelligent communications capabilities that enable staff to collaborate easily and respo

nd quickly to customers and colleagues. With Preferred Edition, businesses can use communications to establish a competitive edge – through intelligent call routing, sophisticated messaging – and call handling and application integration. IP Office Preferred Edition enhances all the capabilities of Essential Edition and much more....request a quote

Scalable, Sophisticated Voicemail – Handle up to 40 simultaneous calls
to voicemail. Broadcast a single voicemail to all employees, a specific department or just one team. Address messages by extension or name. Have IP Office find you and notify you of new voice messages.

Secure “Meet Me” Conferencing – Built-in 128-party conferencing means all users can host their own password- protected conference bridge (up to 64-parties per conference) to enhance collaboration. Host a multitude of calls simultaneously. Add optional HD video to conference with colleagues.

Automated Call Routing – Create unlimited automated attendants (with an unlimited number of levels) for sophisticated call routing. Customize to handle calls by time of day, day of week or other variable. Recognize callers and deliver personalized messages to them. Pre-record announcements (holiday greetings, promotions) and schedule for future use.

Call Recording – Recording of incoming or outgoing calls is built-in. Set the frequency of recorded calls (all calls, a percentage of calls). Record with the push of a button, and send recordings directly to voice/email mailboxes for forwarding via email.

Investment protection – Expandable as your business grows. Handles ten times more voice messaging capacity than Essential Edition to accommodate a higher number of calls from customers and additional users.

Empowerment of all users within the business – All users can spontaneously host their own personalized and secure conference calls.

Flexible management – Easily adapts to your changing business needs.

Communications assurance – With the ability to easily record calls no one would miss important information from a meeting.